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Henry carrying out tree surgery at dusk

Henry's Horticulture ARB: Expert Tree Surgeons Based in Seaham

Providing comprehensive tree maintenance and garden services. Based in Seaham we cover County Durham, Hartlepool, Wearside and the South Tyneside area.

About Us

Henry's Horticulture ARB is a well-established company that specialises in tree services and garden maintenance. We are committed to providing a high-quality service for both commercial and domestic premises, with a passion for trees, plants and their importance to the environment. We are fully insured and all of our staff are qualified and experienced in the industry.

Trees have many benefits, and urban green spaces improve the environment and encourage healthy lifestyles, improving public health. At Henry’s Horticulture ARB we encourage our customers to replant a young tree if they are having a tree removed. We work in both the domestic and commercial sectors and tailor our service on an individual basis.

felling of trees, lumberjack

Tree Felling 

When the tree is close to buildings, limbs overhanging structures, or possible hazards, rigging equipment may be required to disassemble the tree lowering parts in a controlled and safe manner.

crown removal

Crown Reduction and Lifts

A crown reduction involves removing branches from the tree's top and sides. This maintains the tree's natural shape and makes it more suitable for its current location.

tree services


Tree pruning is a safe way to manage growth and remove damaged or dead wood. When necessary, Henry's Horticulture ARB provides pruning for both young and mature trees.

Arborist cutting tree stump for stump grinding

Stump Grinding

 A stump can remain in the ground without causing any harm, however, can take a significant amount of time to naturally break down and if you wish to replant or lay more lawn, then it is necessary to remove the stump. We can grind the stumps out below ground level.

Chainsaw cutting wood with shrapnel flying. Shallow DOF. Developed from RAW


Tree pollarding is the removal of all branches and the majority of the limbs. It takes time for a tree to regrow once it has been pollarded.  We provide professional tree pollarding and tree-trimming services for both commercial and residential.

Arborist in the process of crown cleaning and removing dead wood

Crown Cleaning and Dead Wood Removal 

Our professional team is able to clean the removed dead, dying or diseased branches, stumps, snags, broken branches, rubbing branches, unwanted epicormic shoots and climbing plants.

Garden Maintenance Services

garden maintenance
hedge shaping
Grass field
  • Grounds maintenance

  • Hedge cutting, trimming and shaping

  • Stump grinding

  • Garden clearance

  • Bespoke hedge shaping

  • Supplying garden mulch

"We have used Henry's Horticulture for a few years now and we have always found the team provide a fantastic service. The work undertaken was done within the time scale promised and to an exceptional standard.
I would highly recommend Henry's to anyone. We will continue to use Henry's for all our garden needs."

Lee R December 2022 Yell

Health and Safety

Everything we do meets health and safety requirements. Site-specific risk assessments are completed on an individual basis to ensure that each job is carried out in the safest and most efficient way possible and each team member is fully aware of all risk factors. We always adhere to AFAG and HSE guidelines.

We have public liability insurance

All equipment is subjected to maintenance checks and LOLER certification

Specific and dynamic assessments are completed on-site

Tree pruning should be carried out with consideration to the health of the tree. All our work will be conducted to the current British Standards: BS 3998 2010 Recommendations for Tree Work.

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