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Henry's Horticulture ARB: Arboriculture Tree Specialist in Seaham

Offering high-quality tree services from start to finish. Based in Seaham, covering County Durham, Tyne and Wear and Hartlepool

Tree Maintenance Services

What We Offer

We at Henry's Horticulture ARB are pleased to offer a wide range of tree services for both commercial and residential properties. We are an arboriculture tree specialist that focuses on professionalism and environmentalism. We recycle 95% of our wood and green waste at a commercial recycling farm, where it is turned into compost and mulches.

Tree Felling

When necessary, our qualified team is available to remove hazardous tree parts. In some cases, where the tree is too dangerous for the tree surgeon to climb manually, a Mobile Elevated Task Platform (MEWP) is required to complete the work; our team is trained to use this sort of machinery. 
As part of our service, if trees are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), we will take care of the relevant planning application to the local council as part of our service.​

tree removal

Crown Reduction and Lifts

Crown lifting is the removal of the tree canopy's lowest branches. This type of work shouldn't generally include the removal of large branches growing directly from the trunk (unless damaged or diseased) and should be limited to secondary branches or the shortening of primary branches on older trees. This is a good way for boosting light transmission around the tree and improving access under the tree.​

Tree Thinning

Crown thinning is a type of selective pruning that is commonly done on hardwood trees to minimise density near the edge. After removing dead, diseased, crossing, and weakly attached branches, the tree is pruned to reduce crown density while maintaining a natural shape.

The aim is to improve a tree's structure and form while increasing light penetration and airflow and decreasing wind resistance and weight without changing the tree's overall shape and size. Depending on the circumstances, the estimated amount of material to be removed from the crown at any one time is between 10% and 25%.

tree thinning
tree pruning


Pruning is a technique used to promote callus growth in order to close wounds and retain the tree's natural defence barrier against disease.​ At Henry's Horticulture ARB, all pruning cuts are done in accordance with the British Standard for tree work, BS3998.

The reasons for pruning include:

  • Maintain the health of the tree, bush or plant

  • Remove dead, diseased or dying wood

  • Rejuvenate older, neglected shrubs

  • Develop or maintain a desired size or appearance

What is Tree Topping?

It is the removal of nearly all of the tree's branches and leaves during the hard pruning of a mature or semi-mature tree. This is a kind of unacceptable practice and shouldn't be confused with pollarding. This form of pruning damages the shape of the tree introduces decay, promotes the development of a weak branch structure, and can kill some species.
This type of labour is only permissible in certain cases, such as when a tree has become hazardous and cannot be made safe through standard pruning.

tree cutting.jpg
tree topping


This is the process of pruning the tree's stems or minor branches to create a framework of stems above a single trunk. Pollarded trees can be used as taller structural features in a garden.

Tree pollarding is used for:

  • Keeping trees and bushes from outgrowing their designated space.

  • Tree pollarding can reduce the amount of shade cast by a tree.

  • May be needed on street trees to keep electric cables and streetlights clear.

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"I can recommend Henry's Horticulture without any hesitation, very professional and excellent standard of workmanship."

Joseph S.

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Need professional tree surgeons? Give us a call today on 07796 936224. Our team undertake any kind of tree removal services in Seaham and the surrounding area.

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